Introducing Azure Resource Manager Templates and Azure Resource Explorer (Preview)

One of the main things I’m looking to learn at the moment is how best to manage my Azure environment. The first rules I’ve set myself are as follows:

  • Use Azure Resource Manager where possible, as Azure Service Management is being deprecated by Microsoft
  • Think carefully about grouping Azure resources into Resource Groups based on their management life-cycle – there’s no hard and fast rule around creating Resource Groups, but try to strike a balance between granularity and complexity
  • Define and create all Azure resources from Azure Resource Manager Templates (and store these templates outside of Azure) to make the creation, recreation and modification of resources simple
  • Treat Azure management, deployment and administration as a DevOps process to gain operational efficiency
  • Version control all changes to your Azure deployment so you can rebuild your environment if the worst was to happen

Now I’m no developer and a lot of this stuff is fairly alien to me, but I’ve just started using Visual Studio 2015 RC Community integrated with GitHub to develop and my Azure Resource Manager Templates, and I have to say it was a lot simpler than I expected. I’m going to write a separate post covering this as it’s a topic in itself, so let’s get on and discuss the biggest challenge I’ve faced so far… Understanding the Azure Resource Manager Templates and what I should put in them to deploy my resources.

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